Deleting Data is not enough

Sensitive information in your hard drives is a target for identity theft. Hard drives that are only deleted before the computer is disposed of can be reopened, exposing sensitive information.

Who can restore your confidential information?

When you decide to change your computers and recycling the old ones, erasing your files from your hard drives is not enough. Even formatting your hard drives isn’t an exact way to destroy it.  Hard drives must be securely destroyed, so it can’t be recovered. Any an inexperienced hacker can restore your confidential information even if you have deleted it.

Can your old junk cause you real problems?

your old junk hard drives could have the potential to cause you a real problem.  Identity thieves and hackers can dig information out of an old drive and use it to get the identities of your organisation’s employees. Personal information or your patient’s data?

Orbyt Disks can help you to avoid damaging your reputation

To be sure your data is gone forever and can’t be recovered, why not have a team of hard drive destruction experts handle destroying your hard drive.  So, Orbyt Disks can help you to avoid damaging your reputation. Secure Destruction Services and makes compliance easy.

Orbyt Disks is here to be your partner in business growth, so you can feel free to do your work in peace of mind

We specialise in collecting Hard drives from big and small companies and shred them while you are focusing on your business.

How can we help you?

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